The Arrogance Of Political Hypocrisy

Lots of talk these days about evils of Socialism.  You’ve heard it.  Free healthcare for everyone.  Free college education for everyone.  Free guaranteed monthly income for everyone.  Free!  Free!  Free!

And then you hear the Democrats and Republicans alike say, “no way”.  They say that in order to pay for all that free stuff the tax burden on the American people would be unrealistic and prohibitive.  They’re all political hypocrites.

If someone gives you something and you don’t pay for it, it’s free.  Right?  Well, don’t look now but, this country has a $21 trillion debt.  That means we’ve been given things for years that the government hasn’t paid for.  In other words, we as taxpayers have not paid any taxes to pay for $21 trillion of goods and services.  In other words, it’s free stuff.  Right?

My point is, those Democrats and Republicans in Washington who say free stuff won’t work, have been handing out a whole bunch of free stuff for years.  And just like Socialism “free stuff” won’t work, neither will $21 trillion of “free stuff”.

I’m sure you’ve heard what it feels like to have a heart attack and some of you, like me, may have experienced first hand what it feels like.  It feels like an elephant sitting on your chest.  Well, sometime in the not too distant future, that $21 trillion elephant in the room is going to come over and sit down on all of us at once and we may, or may not survive.

P.S.  The National Debt just increased by $1 million while I was writing these words down.

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