A Bare Bodkin In The Back

Seems to me we never used to raise such a ruckus picking a new judge for the Supreme Court.

The founders of our American Republic deliberately designed the Constitution with three separate but equal branches of government; the legislative branch to write the laws, the executive branch to enforce the laws, and the judicial branch to interpret and review the laws according to the Constitution.   Through a system of checks and balances, the founders sought to prevent any one branch of government from having too much power.

This, for the most part, has worked well for us for the past 229 years., except for that time we stubbed our toe back there in 1860.  Imagine, two-hundred and twenty-nine years picking 113 justices.  You’d think we’d have gotten the hang of it by now.  But we’ve gotten worse at it instead of better.  And it’s all because of those people in those three branches of government can’t stand each other.

The Executive Branch:  The President can’t get along with the FBI and the FBI can’t get along with the CIA and they all can’t get along with Congress.  They can’t agree and they won’t compromise.

The Legislative Branch:  The House can’t get along with the Senate and the Senate can’t get along with the House.  And it’s here that the acrimony between these 535 members of Congress is the worse.  Example.  In the past 40 years, Congress has passed just 4 budgets on time.  And, it’s getting worse.  In six of the seven most recent fiscal years, Congress hasn’t even been able to agree on a formal budget resolution at all.  They can’t agree and they won’t compromise.

The Judicial Branch:  The nine justices on the Supreme Court are the brightest of the brightest legal minds in the country.  They decide a case before them based on their interpretation of the Constitution.  There’s just one Constitution and only nine judges, so you’d think that the smartest lawyers in the land could read 7,591 words and come to the same conclusion.  Wrong.  Rarely is there a unanimous decision.  They can’t agree and they won’t compromise.

A sharp tongue and a bare bodkin in the back, rather than an agreeable word and an eye-to-eye handshake.  That’s what Washinton D.C. is made of these days.

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